Friday, February 22, 2008

Urbas Science Week of Feb. 25 - 29

Sixth Grade students this week in Mr. Urbas's science class have been participating in the set of experiments called the " Marie Curie's Floating Classroom" sponsored by the American Physical Society. It is a group of four experiments that when completed will give clues to where Marie Curie's hidden classroom is located in Warsaw, Poland in the 1800's. Students have been working with the concepts of atoms, heat, and temperature to solve the experiments and successfully gain recognition for their class. More to come next week when they finish the experiments and submit their answer online Tuesday or Wednesday. Some views of the first two experiments are below.

Students working with different temperature water and chart dispersion rates.

Solutions are being observed at the beginning of the experiment.

Tablets are dropped in at the same time.

Testing the temperature of three examples of water.