Friday, March 20, 2009

Urbas - Science Week of March 20 - 26

Students this week have been working with the concept of Light and in these photos are using prisms to break white light into its component colors of the spectrum.

The rainbow on the page.

Can you see the color yet?

Hey, get out of my light!

Students who want to see the International Space Station can access the following website.
Color & Light Test of Friday 3/27 Know the following:
- Reflection and Refraction
- EM Spectrum
- Wave characteristics
- Speed of Light
- Absorption and Transmission
- AM & FM
- Frequency & Wavelength
- Colors of Light
- Colors of Pigments
- Roy G Biv
- Telescope types
- Lenses and Mirrors
- Luminous and Illuminated
- Parts of the Eye
- Directed Reading Worksheets