Friday, February 18, 2011

Urbas - Science Week of Feb. 18 - 25

Students this week tested the strength of their Tower constructions against Mr. Urbas's Epicenter Earthquake Machine. The students worked for approximately a week on their constructions, sharing ideas and strategies with their teamates. When the final day came, they were ready.

Although several of the Towers were able to withstand a Richter Scale rating of 7, not one was able to withstand the total 9 the machine can generate. This is the first time the machine actually won the battle against all contestants. At the end, most students wanted another shot at beating the Epicenter Machine. Some pictures are below.

Typical Tower with plates on three levels to simulate the load of a building.

This Tower was leaning a little bit before the start of the earthquake.

The remains of what once was a three story Tower at a Richter Scale reading of 7.